Saturday, October 12, 2013

Just a Few More Things


Wow! Take a look at my "Scaredycrow"!! He is soooo cute.  I never imagined he would look so cute!  We read the book Scaredycrow by Christopher Hernandez (which my kiddos loved).  I then made him on a poster so we could label him. Here you see him right before he went through the laminating machine....hmmm I wonder if that "scared him"..... :)

These are number mats that I had my little ones use to practice numbers. I don't know about you but I have 7 kiddos this year that cannot recognize numbers 0-5.  (They can count but don't recognize them.) That's a lot of kiddos for me.  I usually have 3 or 4 but 7 is a lot.  That's out of 18 kiddos.  They really like the cards because they could count the paws to figure out what the number was and then they could fill in the ten-frame.

I gave the cards 10-20 to another group that have trouble with the teens.  They decided they wanted to use the "groovy" buttons to count with.  :)  Oh my, how they love those groovy buttons!
This is just a little pumpkin song that I am getting laminated to use on Monday.  I got it from a Mailbox magazine that a teacher friend of mine had.  I just loved it!
Okay that is it for now..... off to work on another product while my kiddos are still watching cartoons. :) 


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