Friday, September 13, 2013

More classroom pics!

They loved finding the ten-frames in these colorful animal pictures.

This is a center for the pocket chart, but my pocket chart is occupied with a song right now sooooo we played on the table. (Worked just fine). These two centers are part of my September Bundle but can pretty much be used the whole year.
 I put this together for a few of my kiddos that need one-to-one correspondence practice.  The Lakeshore tweezers are awesome. I can't believe I use to use the really sharp ones before!! (Luckily nobody ever got poked!) I told them the only rule was not to use their fingers to grab any little pom poms.  Even if they fell on the floor...they had to use the tweezers to pick them up! They of course loved it.  This activity will help get them ready to write... I have a large group of kiddos that cannot grasp the pencil correctly yet....(7 kiddos!) But, that's okay....we will get there!!!  :) The little ice tray is from Family Dollar

Another fast and free counting center! They love the little counters!
Okay...I am off to bed now...I have gone to bed sooooo late every night that I can barely type....just in case my post didn't make sense...I apologize....but I need SLEEP!!!  Good night to all! Sweet dreams!

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