Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Few Classroom Pics

I finally have time to post up a few pictures of my classroom from last year.  I really don't love the quality of the iPad was acting up...and it's not the neatest that it could be, but these pictures were taken the last week of school :)

 It looks very dark in the home center, but they have a lamp and Christmas lights down there.  The kiddos pull out the small table when they go down there.

LOL... I know I know... a little messy...but these are 5 year olds. :)
 This is where I keep the books for independent reading.  I have another section for higher levels.
 More labeled book baskets...and where I keep the big books kids love.
These are the Wal-Mart ice cube trays that are wonderful for book bins. Need more!!!


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