Saturday, October 12, 2013

Just a Few More Things


Wow! Take a look at my "Scaredycrow"!! He is soooo cute.  I never imagined he would look so cute!  We read the book Scaredycrow by Christopher Hernandez (which my kiddos loved).  I then made him on a poster so we could label him. Here you see him right before he went through the laminating machine....hmmm I wonder if that "scared him"..... :)

These are number mats that I had my little ones use to practice numbers. I don't know about you but I have 7 kiddos this year that cannot recognize numbers 0-5.  (They can count but don't recognize them.) That's a lot of kiddos for me.  I usually have 3 or 4 but 7 is a lot.  That's out of 18 kiddos.  They really like the cards because they could count the paws to figure out what the number was and then they could fill in the ten-frame.

I gave the cards 10-20 to another group that have trouble with the teens.  They decided they wanted to use the "groovy" buttons to count with.  :)  Oh my, how they love those groovy buttons!
This is just a little pumpkin song that I am getting laminated to use on Monday.  I got it from a Mailbox magazine that a teacher friend of mine had.  I just loved it!
Okay that is it for now..... off to work on another product while my kiddos are still watching cartoons. :) 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some easy to make math centers

My kiddos at work...
My kiddos love playing with tiny pom poms. 

I took out a few of my October Math centers today....they really liked them....but now they don't stop asking when Halloween is! :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quick Post on Measuring

Hi all...very quick post on a measuring activity I did with my kiddos today! I saw this on pinterest the other day and thought it was cool....soooo my kids measured with yarn!  They loved it and so did I!
I made this student response sheet to go with it.  I will upload this to google docs this weekend when I have more time :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

More classroom pics!

They loved finding the ten-frames in these colorful animal pictures.

This is a center for the pocket chart, but my pocket chart is occupied with a song right now sooooo we played on the table. (Worked just fine). These two centers are part of my September Bundle but can pretty much be used the whole year.
 I put this together for a few of my kiddos that need one-to-one correspondence practice.  The Lakeshore tweezers are awesome. I can't believe I use to use the really sharp ones before!! (Luckily nobody ever got poked!) I told them the only rule was not to use their fingers to grab any little pom poms.  Even if they fell on the floor...they had to use the tweezers to pick them up! They of course loved it.  This activity will help get them ready to write... I have a large group of kiddos that cannot grasp the pencil correctly yet....(7 kiddos!) But, that's okay....we will get there!!!  :) The little ice tray is from Family Dollar

Another fast and free counting center! They love the little counters!
Okay...I am off to bed now...I have gone to bed sooooo late every night that I can barely type....just in case my post didn't make sense...I apologize....but I need SLEEP!!!  Good night to all! Sweet dreams!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I am back! :) 82 products in my TPT Store

I am back!  Yes, yes...I know it has been a very long time, but I have been very busy getting my TPT store started.  I have created 82 products since July 6th!  82!!! I would have never thought that I could accomplish such a big task, but I did! I truly love making products that I need for my classroom and then selling them...oh my!!! My husband tells me I should have started years ago.  I always made my own stuff because I could never find anything that I liked or could use in Spanish.

Anyhow, I am back in my classroom. It's been a crazy two weeks.  Tonight I just wanted to let you know that I am back and have some classroom pics I want to post.
This is my name made with cute little flags.  I made a word wall freebie and loved the way they came out and so I made myself and my teacher friends their name.  I might put these in my store if anyone is interested just let me know. Email me at or leave me a question on my TPT store.

This is my behavior management clip chart in a cute ocean theme.  Our school is all about Coastal Studies and so this is what I use.  I made monthly and weekly reports to go with this chart.  I just staple them in my student's take home folder.  I am teaching them to color in their own square so that I won't have to do it all the time. I have these available in English and in Spanish.

These are my hand signals posters.  I wanted to hand them with some cute ribbon on a wall, but needed the wall space for an anchor chart so I took the ribbon off and put them above my word wall.  Still cute and we are learning to use these this week.  It's going okay so far...we need a little bit more practice. These are available in English and Spanish.
These are some of the graphs that we have been doing this past week.  Had fun and kept us busy.


 This is one of my little ones practicing one of our first sight words.

Here we are practicing our Independent Reading.  This was our first time! Can you believe it! I gave them all a kid magazine and we actually stayed quiet for like 8 whole minutes...they did so good! They were all over the room...
 Here are some of my book bin labels.  I printed 2 per page to make them smaller to fit these magazine holders from Target.
 This is my schedule sorry for the blurry picture. Took these pictures with my phone.  My teacher friend printed this 2 per page and they fit perfect in her schedule pocket chart.  They were a little too small for me so I printed mine regular size.
 This is my Kid Friendly Marzano Scale.  Again, sorry for the blurry picture! We started practicing these yesterday. I have these available in English and in Spanish.
 These are my kiddos in my classroom while I was setting it up.  They have this huge white board that goes from one end of the room to the other yet they are all in one little spot!!!

These are my guided reading labels.  I have these available in many color options to match your room!

 This is a freebie! Go grab it! These labels fit perfect for this type of plastic drawers.

These are my color and shape posters! I love how they look above that bulletin board. The clip art is from Trina Clark....Beautiful art!

These are my Guided Reading labels again.  I use them in many places in my room. I have them on the books that the kiddos use for independent reading, on the books that I take running records with, and for my guided reading baskets.
 I have this word wall freebie in orange and blue.

This is our Where Are We Chart. The helper for the day gets to change it.  It's right outside our door. It's also available in Spanish!

This was a picture that I took on "Preview Night".  Parents just came in quickly to drop off supplies.  I had plastic bins ready for them to sort supplies so I wouldn't have to do it later. Worked like a charm!

This is one of my favorite areas in my room. All of my students pay close attention to what I do and how I do it...because I promised them that they will soon take over and do it themselves.  I have this in English and Spanish. 

Okay...that is it! I will post more soon :) Hope you are having a great beginning of the year so far!!
Remember to take some time for yourself. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Been sooooo busy....

okay... I feel like I have abandoned my blog....but I have been crazy busy creating products for my TpT store.  I have 50 items!!!! I promise to come back when I get all my stuff uploaded.  Hope your Summer is going great... I go back in my classroom tomorrow!! :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Another Freebie!!! Word Wall Flag Banner

I was making a banner for myself with my name and for my teacher friend...then I thought would be nice to have a matching one for my word wall so I made these 2 cute word wall banners....They are not to big because my word wall space is barely big enough for the words  :) So if you would like to use these just click on the picture!!! :)
Click here for your word wall freebie!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Literacy Center Everything You Need To Get Started

Yay!!!! I finally finished my Literacy Centers Huge Pack!!!

Frogstreet Splash

SPLASH was awesome! I got so many ideas from this mind is exploding!! I don't know where to start... I will be creating materials from all the cool ideas I got from so many wonderful presenters!!!!! 

I will post pics later.  Oh, and that hotel was soooo nice! :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Another FREEBIE for you!!!
Click here to download FREEBIE

Need help to make my blog page CUTE!!!!

Okay... Trying to make my page CUTE and I don't know where to start.  Do I pay someone to create it for me???? but who???

Thursday, July 11, 2013


A few of my recent TPT uploads... I put everything in my store on SALE 20%'s only for three more days.. I started yesterday and TPT only allow sales to go on for 4 days... so go check it out! Please leave me feedback :)

Click here to check this out!
Also available with Dolch Pre-Primer and Primer Words.

Also available in SPANISH.
Also available in SPANISH.
Click here to check this out!
Also available in SPANISH and in a English/Spanish Bundle.

A Few Classroom Pics

I finally have time to post up a few pictures of my classroom from last year.  I really don't love the quality of the iPad was acting up...and it's not the neatest that it could be, but these pictures were taken the last week of school :)

 It looks very dark in the home center, but they have a lamp and Christmas lights down there.  The kiddos pull out the small table when they go down there.

LOL... I know I know... a little messy...but these are 5 year olds. :)
 This is where I keep the books for independent reading.  I have another section for higher levels.
 More labeled book baskets...and where I keep the big books kids love.
These are the Wal-Mart ice cube trays that are wonderful for book bins. Need more!!!