Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Going back to KINDER and couldn't be HAPPIER!!!

Okay...I am new to this blogging stuff but soooo excited to start my own!!!  I wanted to create a blog to start sharing my ideas as I work on all my Summer projects for my KINDERGARTEN classroom next year!!  Yay!!! So let's see if I can do this correctly.

So here is my first project!!!!
I think the only thing I actually spent money on was the fabric!!!  Everything else was in my garage!!!!!


  1. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey first visitor here, I'll show you my blogs later, I created many time ago...I use edmodo now..but I still like to blog...
    love U ..GOOOOO girl go!

  2. I love your furniture project it is just sooooo lovely!

  3. Hey primita bonita!!!! Yes you are my first visitor that left me a comment here!!! LOVE YOU!!!! :)

  4. I'm always excited to find another bilingual/dual blog, especially one from Texas! I will add you to my blog roll over at!

  5. Hi Candis!!! I will visit you soon :)